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Scorpia Medimart is a dedicated Medical (Healthcare) Online shopping portal. With over 20+ years experience of Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. Ltd., at Scorpia Medimart we understand the specific need and approach required for promotion and sales of Medical devices and consumables. All the promotion sales and marketing is targeted on Medical professionals and Medical industry. Our team of professionals have long experience in understanding and handling the demanding needs of Medical professional, thus providing the customers with a WOW experience.
With Scorpia Medimart you can reach customers anywhere in India and even globally (Global Service to be launched very shortly). Thousands of Medical professionals visit Scorpia Medimart who can be certainly your new customers. By posting your products at Scorpia Medimart, you increase your customer reach beyond boundaries without any additional investment. With Scorpia Medimart, suddenly your products are available across the country.
Scorpia Medimart offers you stress free smooth delivery option for your products and takes care of Pick up and delivery of your products to customers. You just have to worry about packing your products in time and our Logistic support team ensures timely pickup and delivery to customers. Experienced logistic team helps you in tracking your consignments and tracking successful deliveries.
With your products reaching customers throughout country, Scorpia Medimart offers you an opportunity to increase your sales and revenues multifold without spending a penny !!! Also as you join Scorpia Medimart, the only dedicated Medical portal, you automatically your visibility to new markets where you never thought you can reach.
At Scorpia Medimart you have to pay for the services only after you have completed your sales. No flat charges for shipment…. charges depend on regions of delivery. No registration charges… start to expand your business with out any additional investment.