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Selling on Scorpia Medimart Services is simple

You can start selling by providing your business details, bank account details and your tax information
Set up your store on Scorpia Medimart Services

In first step, all you need is to post your products on Scorpia Medimart through easy-to-use Vendor Login. Our experts will help and guide you through each process and shall help you to create your product catalogues in best possible way. You can also use Scorpia Medimart's paid services if you do not have manpower or experience in online catalogue creation. Also are available various advertising options for you to ensure that your products stand out from the crowd ensuring higher sales.
Receive orders from customers

As you post your products and they are approved for online display, you suddenly reach millions of customers . As the customers visit our online portal, you will start receiving orders for your posted products. You can also boost your prospects by taking advantage of our paid Telesales services ensuring maximum customer reach and focused product sales approach.
Scorpia Medimart Services delivers your orders

As soon as you receive a order through us, the real work begins. Our team of logistics shall organize the pickup of the product from your premises and shall ensure safe delivery of your products to your customer. All you have to do is raise a invoice to customer, pack the products perfectly and relax and wait for pick up. Our team will be updating you on the delivery process and ensure the product is delivered well in time.
Receive payment from Scorpia Medimart Services

With completion of delivery, we shall ensure that you get your money for your sales. Scorpia shall ensure that the payment is transferred to you as per mutual agreement after deduction of our service fee as mentioned in our agreement. We ensure complete transparency in the process and no delays are allowed.
Scorpia Medimart Services delivers your orders

And now you can grow your business from your existing market to endless market throughout the country and may by to other countries in future. So you can grow your business without spending single penny... How's That!!!!